Book review: The Power

Book review: The Power

“One of them says, ‘Why did they do it?’
And the other answers, ‘Because they could.’
That is the only answer there ever is.”


Overtime girls start developing the power… The power to create electricity and cause pain or death with the flick of a finger. Society, as we know it, is about to change forever.


I’ve a lot of mixed feelings about this book. The concept was thought-provoking, but the execution mweh. Not to mention, I really had to use all my power (couldn’t help it, sorry), to pick this book up again whenever I put it down. Let me explain myself.

First of all, this book should’ve been longer. With just over 300 pages it felt like a lot of information was missing, left out, and that certain topics were cut short. Adding a few chapters here or there would’ve stopped that rushed feeling you now get while reading it, and created a story that flows a lot smoother.

Next, the characters. Some were okay, but most of them were over simplified. We don’t really get to know them except the present adventures they embark upon. I missed the complexity and depth, and therefore I didn’t feel any connection to them. Besides that most characters can’t be qualified as “ordinary” people. Not everyone is a runaway child or the daughter of a maffia boss you know.

Lastly, I wouldn’t call this book a feministic novel, even though it’s advertised like that.  This novel is quite disrespectful towards religion, as well as towards all humans. The idea of women just throwing away their faith or values disgusts me. I get the general idea Naomi was going for, but again execution fell short. 

Would I recommend this novel? Not really, to be honest. But if you like sci-fi, dystopian and ya, by all means give it a read. Because I think that people who love those genres have the most chance of actually liking this book.

  • Title: The Power
  • Author: Naomi Alderman
  • Published: 2016
  • Pages: 339
  • Rating: 3/5
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Book review: The Power


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