Book Review: Moonology

Book Review: Moonology

“The secret to making wishes or setting intentions is to ensure that they come from the heart, and that you feel them as if they’ve already happened.”


The cycles of the moon affect everything. From our health to our relationships, and from our mood to our work. In Moonology, Yasmine Boland, a renowned astrologist, teaches you how to understand these different phases and how to work with them; as to learn to empower your own life. Moonology is the book for anyone looking to connect with the moon.Book Review: Moonology


Besides this book being a cover-buy, I also picked it up because of the space-nerd in me screaming at every book that covers a space-related topic; and because I’ve been interested in learning about the lunar cycle for a while now. Unfortunately, this book didn’t offer everything I was looking for, but I also found some unexpected gems.

I did learn new information about the phases of the moon, as I was hoping to, but it wasn’t so much in-depth as I wanted it to be. It mainly focusses on the emotional and physical effects of the cycles on the human body, and less on the moon itself. Don’t get me wrong though; I have highlighted many parts, and I wasn’t too frugal with the sticky tabs either. However, a little bit more scientific information about the moon would’ve been lovely; even if it’s more of a spiritual book.

The book is set up very clear and structured. It discusses every topic for every sign very elaborately, which is superb, but which also let me to skimming a lot of pages and chapters. It’s solely for this point that I’d use moonology more as an encyclopedia than a novel. It’s easy to pick up and find the exact thing you’re looking for. Besides that, the simple writing style makes it an accessible book to read. It’s perfect for anyone looking to dive in into astrology. But for the more advanced astrologers, it might come across as too oversimplified or even childish. They would better pass on this one.

Lastly, I wasn’t too pleased about the authors “branding” techniques. The continuous reference to this or that webpage made this book feel like an advertorial for her blog. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with mentioning it once or twice here or there, but there is a limit you know. I can understand this being done for practical reasons; there are only so many pages to put information on; but still, this might have been the signal to bring out more books, and to dedicate each one to a different topic, as to give you the possibility to go more in depth.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I learned some new facts about the lunar cycle, and about its effect on humans. But only if you’re a newbie in the astrology world would I recommend you to pick this book up. I don’t think the advanced astrologers will be able to enjoy moonology as much.

  • Title: Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles
  • Author: Yasmin Boland 
  • Published: 2016
  • Pages: 256
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Get your copy here!

Book Review: Moonology

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